What do we want & when do we want it?

We are a free and independent community against Hate Politics in Europe.

Political debate which promotes xenophobia, homophobia, racism, intolerance and narrow nationalism has never challenged Europe more than now. Extreme right parties and hate speech has been rising in Europe since the 2008 financial crisis. Populist right-wing parties gather more and more supporters, especially young, educated adults around them. They gain seats in national Parliaments, thus acquiring a legitimate forum to express their ideas. They speak against and generate hate toward immigrants, Roma, Jewish, LGBT people, ethnic and religious minorities. Their attitude is often combined with strong Euroscepticism, nationalism and intolerance.

We have a mission. We say NO to hate politics. We do not want people to travel back in time. We want an open debate where we can challenge the fascist and racist features of today’s politics. We put extremist political parties, informal groups, paramilitary formations and activists on our “blacklist”.

Disclose radicalism and politics of hate in your native country. Share information and articles of these elements, so that our growing community can learn about what is going on in our neighborhood.

Send to us or post directly your piece on the wall. E-mail: notohatepolitics@gmail.com

Peace be with you!