Who’s afraid of PVV and Geert Wilders?

by No to Hate Politics

Image by Sebastiaan ter Burg on Flickr

A weighted average of four political polls in the Netherlands shows that PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid in Dutch, Freedom Party in English) stays on top of the public options preferences and has the chance to win 25 to 29 seats in the Parliament while the in office governing coalition (VVD and PvdA) have dropped dramatically. VVD is expected to win 20-24 seats, SP between 20 and 24 and D66 between 19 and 21.

This infographic shows how PVV score has increased since 2012.

PVV is a far right wing party led by Geert Wilders  and just taking a look at its agenda gives you sufficient reasons to fear its coming to power.  Skimming through PVV’s political agenda for 2010-2015 finds positions like:

– Restrictions on immigrant labour from new EU member states and Islamic countries;

– Closing of Islamic schools entirely;

– Dutch language proficiency and a 10-year Dutch residency and work experience requirement for welfare assistance;

– Withdrawal from the European Union;

– Allow for easy entry without visa of persons with western EU passports except Polish, Bulgarians, Romanians etc;

–  Abolish the European Parliament and no working together to any EU activity;

– Binding referendum on subjects like the EU and a multicultural society;

– No more tax money to “(political) left” organizations;

– Keeping track of the ethnicity of people who committed crimes;

– Binding assimilation contracts for immigrants;

– Taxes on the Islamic headscarf and forbid the Quaran;

– Ban on headscarves in any public function.