No far right party but deep rooted hate politics

by No to Hate Politics

In Romania at this point there is no particular political party that could be identified as radical right wing. The Great Romania (PRM) was the hideous party to play this role until the 2008 elections when they did not even make the electoral threshold and did not got any place in the Parliament. This party had it all: xenophobia, antisemitism, radical nationalism, populism, conservatorism and even denied the Holocaust untill 2004 when suddenly changed its mind. Here is a sample of the involuntary humour these guys used to produce: “The Romania government is run by the Hungarian Jew George Soros from the USA”. Their charismatic leader was kicked out of the party and he is now a MEP. 

Today’s populist is PP-DD who state that they are of no political doctrine; they are a weird animal of sort-of-left-wing, nationalism and surrealism. However they are no match to PRM’s hate politics.

The overall public speech has not improved too much since the populists went down the drain. We still have individual discharges of hate politics ranging from 2007 President’s name calling “filthy gypsy” on a journalist to the fact that there is difficult to identify more than one MP at this point that would sustain in public the civil partnership between couples of the same sex. 

Romania President and the “agenda setters”